Secret Jardin TLED 26w Blooming Strip


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Secret Jardin TLEDs have an array of uses that will help to maximise the productivity of your indoor garden, but they also come in at low prices and use very little power, making them highly economical. They’re great for boosting spectrums and for lighting difficult-to-reach places.

The Red TLED emits red light at 2100K making it ideal for flowering whether as a stand-alone light for small plants or as additional lighting to existing HPS or LED grow lights.

Red (Flowering)

The Secret Jardin 26W TLED Red Grow Light uses quality LEDs with a mixture of 3 colours for a great flowering/fruiting response. There are 38 infra-red LEDs, 38 with a colour of 2100K and another 38 with a colour of 3000K. It can be used to flower plants in a very small (micro) grow space or you can run several together for a larger setup. Or, even better, it can be used as red supplementary lighting. Hang them vertically in the corners of your flowering tent to provide extra light where light doesn’t reach effectively.

  • 45% 3000K, 45% 2100K, 10% Infra-Red / 3300Lu
  • Low power consumption of only 26 watts
  • Similar output to 2x 55w fluorescent propagation light lamps

54cm x 4cm x 30cm


Cable Length


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