Plant Success – Great White Mycorrhizae 4oz / 113.4g




Great White is by far the most comprehensive mycorrhizal supplement in the ‘Plant Success’ range, with 7 species of ectomycorrhizal, 9 species of endomycorrhizal and 14 species of beneficial bacteria. When combined, these microbials will colonise the root-zone, turning it into a super fortress that guards against troublesome pathogens, while accelerating nutrient uptake so that your plants maximise the use of every last drop of feed.

  • Great for use in any medium or system.
  • Improves the transportation of nutrients to the plant, maximising the effectiveness of fertilisers.
  • Contains 7 different species of ectomycorrhizal fungi.
  • Packed with 9 species of endomycorrhizal.
  • Also comes with 14 different species of beneficial bacteria.
  • Turns the substrate into a defensive fortress.
  • Easy to apply and fully water soluble.

How to use Great White:

  • Seeds: apply a light dusting of Great White to each planting hole before filling the hole and watering.
  • Cuttings: once you’ve dipped cuttings into their rooting hormone, you can then dip them in a small quantity of Great White before moving them to their rooting plugs.
  • Transplanting: lightly dust the transplanting hole with Great White before re-potting cuttings and seedlings.

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