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This cute bonsai with an up straight trunk is standing at approximately 23cm tall in a dark blue ceramic glazed oriental pot with the depth of 10cm and a width of 13cm.

Dimensions approximately:

Height: 23cm

Depth: 10cm

Width: 13cm

Chinese’s elm can be grown in full sun and partial shade if outdoors. They will need exposed to sunlight if kept indoors. Chinese Elms are one of the most popular varieties of Bonsai as they can be grown either Indoors or Outdoors.

They can be kept outdoors throughout the year but it will drop its leaves in winter. If it is kept indoors for winter make sure it’s kept in a cool room away from central heating and it should hold some leaves through the winter.

They must be watered generously as soon as the soil gets dry. However, drought should be avoided as well as constant wetness.

For more information about Chinese elms please visit our blogs page …..

Please Note: measurements given are approximate not exact. Due to the nature trees grow, the tree that you receive may differ in size to that given in the description. The appearance of the tree may vary depending on the season.

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