CFL Bulbs (Compact Flourescent Lamp)


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Market-leading fluorescent lamps found to be very effective at raising cutting/seedlings and developing young plants. Also sometimes used as supplementary lighting during the main stages of the plant life cycle.

Ideal for growers who want to cut electricity costs, whilst still achieving high yields. CFLs are high-output fluorescent lamps which run at lower wattage and generate significantly less heat than HID lighting.

  • Long Life (8000 hours).
  • Blue spectrum available for vegetative growth.
  • Red spectrum available for blooming stage.
  • Veg – Blue 6400k.
  • Flower- Red 2700k.
  • Energy efficient and cheaper to run than high intensity lights.
  • Minimal heat output.
  • No separate ballast required as it is built into the unit.
  • Runs directly through a mains plug.
  • Screw into a standard E40 fitting (normal grow light lamp holder).
  • Maximum coverage area: 80cm x 80cm.


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